The Naughty Baboons

IMG_4018Another day in the Cape

That afternoon we drove up to the car park at Cape Point, and missed the huge sign on the left that might have saved us our lunch had we seen it.  The car park was packed with cars and buses it was summer and the tourists were out in full force.  We climbed out and walked around for a while looking over the cliffs at the water below.  It was around lunch time and knowing that the shop charged tourist prices we still decided to buy some takeaways. We had to stand in the queue like everyone else.

Having finally been handed our parcels I passed a packet onto my daughter she was 7 at the time. On our way to the car we were accosted by two baboon that appeared from out of nowhere. They saw an opportunity and recognized a smaller human being with a food parcel. They started running toward my daughter who by now had seen them and holding tightly onto her packet she ran screaming towards the car. Unfortunately they outran her and tried to grab the packet out of her hand, but this little red head was not giving her lunch away that easily. A tug of war took place bursting the packet open sending our lunch flying.  The baboon quickly grab the stash and scrambled up the slop before the monitors had time to reach them. Just then I noticed a smaller baboon hanging onto the front window of the car playfully sticking he’s fingers through the window at my mother in law sitting in the front seat.   We had hardly recovered when I heard a person screaming from behind us, a baboon had seen the parcel sticking out from the rug sack on her back, and jumped onto her back to wrestle it from her.

The monitors were now out in full force cracking their whips on the ground and all these naughty little creatures scattered for the hills.

Just another day out in the country.

It was years later that we really got to live with the baboons for 2 years but that’s a whole new blog.