From West coast – To East coast


Everyone dashes off to the west coast just as the sun comes out in West Coast in spring to marvel at the tapestry of colours splashed across our landscape.

Expect endless open spaces and blue blue sky’s and a never ending road leading you straight into our beautiful and wild coast line.

The cold water is crystal blue and the cottages sprinkled along the coast.


Old and sometimes run down they make for magnificent photography. An abundance of bird life and smaller creatures of the desert. On the roads you might come across tumble weed, snakes and tortoise making their way across the vast arid land.  If you are in search of the sun, open skies and miles of open spaces then head of to the West Coast.

From Cape Town to swakopmund you will find little oasis sections of lush greenery and warm water springs and stops along the way.




Looking for something totally different – a place to eat sea food on the beach bare feet. Situated near Langebaan




The west coast


Everyone dashes off to the west coast just as the sun comes out in spring to marvel at the tapestry of colours splashed across our landscape.

Expect endless open spaces and blue blue sky’s and a never ending road leading you straight into our beautiful and wild coast line. 

The cold water is crystal blue and the cottages sprinkled along the coast a dazzling white.


Old and sometimes run down they make for magnificent photography. An abundance of bird life and sometimes untouched by too much human intervention. These places are gems.

From Cape Town to Swakop west coast you will find little oasis sections of lush greenery and warm water springs.

This was brought to you by The Daisy Collection Colouring Books for grownups. Cape Town the birth place of creation. 


Summer in Noordhoek


Summer in Cape Town when the wild flowers give a display of beauty and we marvel at their glory. Here in the valley of Noordhoek we have the old oak trees, nasturtiums, and lillies filling the streams. It’s like an English country were horses still pass your home on the way to the endless white sand beaches.


A place of tranquil beauty and nature.  A holiday destination 20 minutes from the centre of Cape Town and boulders were the penguins roam freely on the beaches.

What a joy it is to live in this area. Watch out for the Christmas markets, the wine farms and mountain views.

This was brought to you by The Daisy Collection of Adult Colouring Books.  Designed and created in this beautiful valley.  For more information. And for information on accommodation visit our Noordhoek information website.


Cape Argus Cycle Tour – Ready Set

Cape Town’s Biggest Event – March  8th IMG_3591

Each year over 40,000 keen cyclists from hither and thither converge to partake in this epic 109km pedal. The scenic circular route starts in the City Centre, and snakes its way through the Southern Peninsula and past the Atlantic Coast before coming to an end in Green Point. (for More Information) 

How Cape Town Gets ready for this international event

Stands start going up on corners all over Cape Town Streets, Toilet  get dragged around and randomly placed along the route. Colourful Coke tents go up, strategically placed.

Some Cape Town residents hate this day when they are barricaded into their homes for hours while Cape Town raves and given half a chance they will regal you with stories of unfairness.  Others take full advantage and drag their braai equipment, family and extended families and stereo sound equipment out making a full day off it. People dress up for the day, make posters and are prepared to get up at 5 am or earlier and wait for the first ridIMG_3604er’s and helicopters to hover overhead. People scream, clap, shout,  dance lining the streets of Cape Town for one day until they can hardly speak.  Lucky shops along the route make money as they keep the hordes from dying of thirst.

The Cyclists themselves make the day for everyone: The brave dress up in the weirdest outfits and share their passions, Save the Rhino and more. Some brave young girls take to flashing and Cape Town goes mad. It is a photographers paradise for one day.

Event Info

Quick Factscape-argus-cycle-tour-attractionsincapetown
  • Event Date:  8 March 2015
  • Entries Open:  26 September 2014
  • Distance:  109km
  • Charity / Corporate Group Entries:  Click Here
  • FAQs:  Click Here (currently being updated)

Book Fair in Cape Town

South Africa’s premier exhibition for the  literary and publishing worlds to gather and trade.

The MoonI recall standing one day observing a very well known artist put some finishing touches to his painting. Standing just in front of me were two men watching him and admiring him making admiring sounds. The artist stopped stepped back and started to talking to these two men. One could see that they came from disadvantaged backgrounds by the way that they were dressed. The artist introduced himself to them shaking their hands then started a long conversation about art and passion and business. One of his sentences stood out for me. He told them clearly that they were to paint for themselves, paint for the love of painting and the passion inside them. Not to paint for money because if that was their sole purpose they would never ever make great artists. It was inspiring and sobering to hear this, it is the same for all art.  In order for anyone to spend hours and hours, days, years and a lifetime on a craft can only mean one word – Love. I have heard so many bloggers and writers lamenting that they are not making money and struggling and that is the other side of the coin. But once you start this journey of writing or any art you owe it to yourself to also study the art of business and marketing as it goes hand in hand. You cannot have an awesome product stuck in some corner and expect people to know its there. You have to shout from the roof tops that you exist. Don’t become despondent, talent will only get you 50% of the way there determination will carry you over the finishing line.

So get out there and join other authors and writers – Come together – Mingle chat – Encourage each other.

This is The Programme – For the Book Fair

Click here to download the programme for Saturday 14 June.
Click here to download the programme for Sunday 15 June.

The South African Book Fair is the largest public celebration of the written word in sub-Saharan Africa.

Extract from

Why exhibit?

Nothing delivers a greater, more measurable return on your marketing investment than exhibiting at an expo that brings your target audience directly to you.

The South African Book Fair has become the best platform for the exchange of information and trade in the business of publishing. In addition, the event provides a rare opportunity for the public to interact with some of the greats of the literary world while attending book launches, book signings, literary workshops and forums and many more.

Exhibitor profile

  • Agents
  • Authors
  • Book Stores
  • Book distributors
  • Corporate companies
  • Digital publishers
  • Electronic book suppliers
  • Industry associations
  • Libraries
  • Publishers
  • Sundry items and accessories associated with books and publishing

Be part of the next exhibition

To apply to be an exhibitor please contact Louise Barry Taylor at 011 549 8300 or send an email to

The Naughty Baboons

IMG_4018Another day in the Cape

That afternoon we drove up to the car park at Cape Point, and missed the huge sign on the left that might have saved us our lunch had we seen it.  The car park was packed with cars and buses it was summer and the tourists were out in full force.  We climbed out and walked around for a while looking over the cliffs at the water below.  It was around lunch time and knowing that the shop charged tourist prices we still decided to buy some takeaways. We had to stand in the queue like everyone else.

Having finally been handed our parcels I passed a packet onto my daughter she was 7 at the time. On our way to the car we were accosted by two baboon that appeared from out of nowhere. They saw an opportunity and recognized a smaller human being with a food parcel. They started running toward my daughter who by now had seen them and holding tightly onto her packet she ran screaming towards the car. Unfortunately they outran her and tried to grab the packet out of her hand, but this little red head was not giving her lunch away that easily. A tug of war took place bursting the packet open sending our lunch flying.  The baboon quickly grab the stash and scrambled up the slop before the monitors had time to reach them. Just then I noticed a smaller baboon hanging onto the front window of the car playfully sticking he’s fingers through the window at my mother in law sitting in the front seat.   We had hardly recovered when I heard a person screaming from behind us, a baboon had seen the parcel sticking out from the rug sack on her back, and jumped onto her back to wrestle it from her.

The monitors were now out in full force cracking their whips on the ground and all these naughty little creatures scattered for the hills.

Just another day out in the country.

It was years later that we really got to live with the baboons for 2 years but that’s a whole new blog.


The World of Birds for Children

The World of Birds

Macaw, Blue-and-Gold PJ4aThis is a must for all families, pack your picnic basket for the day and take a trip to The World of Birds, It on one of the many benches and watch the flamingo’s on the lake. Wonder through the large bird enclosures and experience the birds around you. The last time I was there a bird wanted to perch on my shoulder. Magnificent Owls, Eagles and other fascinating birds. The monkey enclosure is great fun as these friendly fury animals try and open your hand convinced you have some treats for them. It can be a full days delight and will take you some time to get through this delightful journey.

These birds are rescued and re-rehabilitated, by amazing and wonderful volunteers. So If you have bird that needs help this is the place to take it, be sure to offer a donation no matter how small or large.

(Extract from Whatsonincapetown) below)

We have a place called monkey land where you can find these very naughty little monkeys

The largest bird park in Africa with over 3000 birds including numerous birds of prey, as well as reptiles and monkeys. Walk-through aviaries offer the chance for close-up encounters with a variety of birds and animals.

Venue: Wildlife Sanctuary, Valley Road, Houtbay, Cape Town
Every Day 9am – 5pm  (Feeding Times:  Penguins, 11.30am & 3.30pm, Pelicans 12.30pm, Cormorants 1.30pm, Birds of Prey 4.15pm)  Monkey Jungle open 11.30am – 1.30pm and 2pm – 3.30pm

Cost: Adults R 85, Pensioners and Students, R55 (with card) Children R 40,  U3s Free.

Tel: 021 790 2730