Ok so I created this page just in case my creativeness needs to spill out onto more pages. As my friend son pointed out the other day ” I’m NOT Fat, I’m just overflowing with sexiness” he’s 14 what a kid. lol

On the Farm in Breda’s Dorp that held so many memories.

Breda’s Dorp is about 2 hour drive from Cape Town Center and well worth the visit, if not just for the view on the way their. You will pass fields of yellow canola and fields of sheep. The country side turns into a patchwork quilt with all the colors. We had friends on a farm on the way to Arniston, and it wasn’t hard to see why they had pet lambs and sheep. The baby lambs get lost and abandoned so easily and bottle feeding them back to health is something you don’t want to miss. IMG_4524So this was their story. They drove along the main road to Arniston about 10 years ago and happened to come across an abandon farm house. The birds and the beez were nesting in every corner and the place was a mess. Scouting around town they located the owners of the farm. After discussions it was decide to let them stay in the farm house rent free provided they clean the place up. Well not only did the clean it up they also installed electricity and opened up a popular restaurant in those days. The place was full and more bookings made, for Linda’s amazing Portuguese cooking. We were fortunate enough to live through some of those days in the beginning when we had to walk around with candles and take cold showers. IMG_4487

On the other side of the coin farm life was anything but relaxing. I heard Linda scream from the other side of the field that the horse was chasing the lamb. Or watch with tears running down our cheeks as the little fluffy yellow ducks died one after the other from some strange illness.

One of my most vivid memories was was to take a walk past the farm house and head through all the farm gates and just walk and walk. I walked until I found an open patch of ground sat down, then lay on my back and watched as the clouds floated by. Enjoying the peace and the open blue sky’s of our Magnificent land called South Africa.

Taking CareIMG_4490


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