Most beautiful picnic spot in Cape Town

The Noordhoek Common any time of the Noordhoek3day

This is one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets when it comes to having a beautiful picnic. The children love the freedom of the wide open spaces and the large trees. There are one or two benches but otherwise bring along your camping chairs and some picnic blankets.

If you need to park your vehicles on the common you will need permission contact NEAG. Otherwise there’s plenty of parking on the verge around the the Noordhoek Common.

Just across the road we have Sun Bird Riding school with Jenny and her ponies. I am sure if you contacted Jenny and asked her for pony rides on the common you can come to some agreement on the day of the birthday.

The grass is lush and green and there’s shade under the large oak trees. In the beginning of summer and throughout winter there are fresh water streams with tadpoles.

Just across the road is the farm village with freshly backed cakes, buns cool drink and more if you need to purchase extra’s for your picnic. For grandparents joining they can recline on a chair under the shade of the trees.

carin 358

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