OPEN BOOK CAPE TOWN 2015 – For all Book Lovers Diarize NOW

The Festival – That needs your support


The Program for 2015 I see is not out yet published. (09th – 13th September 2015)

So lets tell you a little bit about this festival.

In 2014 it consisted of over 100 events in 5 days. It is an opportunity for readers to engage in conversations with writers.  Readers to engage with Readers and writers with writers. The Event consists of Book Launches, readings, panel discussions and light chatter about writing . These events are designed to stimulate, entertain and evoke ideas. Encourage reading and books – anything really to do with books.

Writers from across the globe join this festival

“I think of the poignant moment when André Brink arrived at the front of the queue to get his copy of Good Morning Mr Mandela signed by the author, Zelda Le Grange, and the tears that flowed after a few quiet words between the two. And there were countless more moments like that which capture some of what Open Book is about.” Extract from Open Book web page.

As you can see the Open Book Festival needs your support

“Quite simply, if we don’t increase our income for 2015, I’m not sure that we’ll have a festival next year. Having said that, I’m confident that we will – quite simply, because we have to. I believe (and I hope you agree) Open Book is too important(and fun!) to die a quiet death.” (Extract)

A few  of the many Authors below

Afrika Malanie
Deon Meyer
Bibi Slippers
Henriette Rose

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