Looking For Wind Free Beaches – Boulders

boulders-beach-3bLooking for a wind free beach – Boulder is the place

Beautiful Beaches – BUT Get there really early – it can get rather full, the beaches are secluded with boulders and rocks between each beach. There is a long walkway as you make your way to the different beaches. On the walkway you will pass penguin nests and little babies snuggling under the bushes, you might even spot an egg or two.

The Penguins can be quiet tame and you might have to step out of the way as one waddles past you on the path. They make a very loud calling sound that you might mistake for a donkey.

The water is clean and crystal clear and blue, there is a fee at the entrance but its totally worth it. You will also pass a place to eat and a shop to buy lots of little gifts for tourists.

This place is the spot if its windy in Cape Town – Its virtually wind free.  For those brave teenagers there’s some large rocks you jump off into the sea. Snorkeling is also great fun here and safe for parents and kids, if you snokel close to the shore and in between the rocks.

Have respect for those large boulders, we witnessed a tourist try and jump from one very high boulder to another she fell between the two and had to be airlifted from the beach by the rescue team.

Boulders-BayThe Penguins are very cute to watch and follow around and some are very tame because they know they are protected.

So have fun in the sun at boulders

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