Once upon a time.com

2014-11-15 19.22.00Theatre in Cape Town

We have some beautiful old theaters in Cape Town fully operating, with wonderful talent. From creative costumes to directors and sets every detail taken care of. We watched as the actors were transformed by the make up artists hard a work and the costume designers tailoring outfits.

Like a beautiful movie set the lights line the walls above the mirrors while actors past on false eyelashes and do last minute touch ups. Coffee does the rounds and laughter can be heard down the corridors of time as years of actors and actresses enjoyed the magic of theater.

The audience arrives

Some of them in dazzling outfits with long gloves and themselves false eyelashes, stand around holding high a champagne glass and smiling at the glamor of the evening when just for one day they can loose themselves in the magic of make believe.

So much to see and do in Cape Town – Once Upon A Time.com

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