What do you see ?

carin 275I spoke to a man who lives in a sea side village in Cape Town, a man who left behind the stress and rush of the corporate world. This man started something very simple he started a company telling stories, simple easy to understand stories of peoples lives. The stories have different meanings to different people. Soon he was contacted by corporate leaders to come and tell he’s stories, stories that would help people.

What is your pathway as an artist have your found that peace?

What is your pathway as a creative person, how are you using this to leave a legacy, or change someone’s life.

Stop and look around you see the world and its people and all the details in this world. The shadows cast by sunsets, the wrinkles in an old persons face, the leaves on a tree blowing in the wind. Every detail in your life matters because you are alive.

Celebrate this in some small way every day and help another to see the beauty through your eyes.

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