WARM WATER BERG – A place to visit if you’ve never been

image15-1You will drive through a very green town by the name of “Suurbrak” before you enter Bonnyvale, drive slowly through the town of Bonnyvale. Stop take some pictures walk around and enjoy the peace of this quiet country village.

Leave Bonny Vale and head for Warmwaterberg, on the way there you will pass by “Ronnies Sex Shop” on your right if it is still there. Then as you carry on along that straight road that seems to go to nowhere you will turn off and head for the green oasis on the hill “Warmwaterberg”   Nestled against the dry outcrop of desert like mountains is the green valley surrounded by trees and warm water springs. A weaver birds haven, as you enter the gates you can climb out of your car and know that you are on holiday now. Below you is the valley basin as far as the eye can see, a dry landscape with the beauty of clear blue wide open skies. The pools are warm very warm and relaxing seeping that mineral water deep into your bones.


The children love this place as they hop from heated pools to cold water, or play a game of pool in the entertainment area while parents sip a cool drink on the stoep before heading off to there house on the hill. In the houses that are rented out you will find a large bath in your kitchen next to the fire place, this place is wonderful in winter.  What comes to mind is peace relaxation and magnificent views. Mountain biking as well. That afternoon when my son and I entered that gate that said “No trespassing” we wondered in down a long sandy path to discover broken half fallen down houses and at the very end of the path a large old farm house. In the front of the house sat old cars long ago out of service and to the right of us and in the distance what looked like cows. The farmer waved to us and came over, we had a wonderful chat and a stroll on he’s farm.  In the distance we watched the mountain bikers make their way over the dry land and over the hills and disappear over the horizon.

image84One thing you are guaranteed and that is a display of the most beautiful bird life. A warm and relaxing stay in yet again one of South Africa’s Jem’s on the doorstep of Cape Town.

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