Blast your trump Cape Town

The Minstrels

I watched as this band of people entertained the throngs at the waterfront, their music got people up and dancing. One man was smiling so hard tears of joy slid down he’s cheeks. Perhaps he was one of those people who’d returned from far off lands to the shores of Cape Town and was overwhelmed with emotion at he’s beloved city and all its memories.

The music has a special place in the heart of people in Cape Town especially that “ching chick a ling of the banjo” as the player gives you that toothless grin. The concentration as the player with he’s squash box squeezes out our favorite tunes as he’s body moves to the music.

I don’t know where these guys are today but they are very fondly remembered by lots of people. If you do find them let me know because Quinton our presenter at the radio station wants to interview them.

While listing to the banjo’s you can breath in deeply the fresh sea air and watch the fat seals stretch out in the sun while munching into a plate of wonderfully unhealthy french fried chips all in one place. If you happen to look up over your glass of wine you will see the Majestic Table Mountain draped in a cloth of white cloud.

Lift up your glass and toast to the fact that you are alive and in Cape Town

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