The joyful simplicities we take for granted

I attended a Human Trafficking event and one of the ladies share how she met and reached out to prostitutes on the street and asked them about their dreams. One woman share that her dream was to have a husband a home and children, stuff we take for granted every day of our lives. We tend to complain about simple things in life like having too much to do or parties we have to attend or people too see that we don’t really want to see. St Paul wrote this, I have learned, in whatever state I am, therewith to be content. Contentment has such a beautiful sound to it, it’s a simple little word with oceans of meaning behind it and yet this word seems to be out of reach for most people. Our minds fly off in all directions in the panic of what if’s and some of those what if’s become so large and all consuming, that it is all we think about. Our concerns keep us busy all day long so busy that we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures we have in life, like family. The very fact that you have your children in the car be it screaming and fighting with each other, they are in the car with you. It is amazing how negative addiction can become a way of life without us realizing it. I have someone in my life who reminds me constantly to stop just for five minutes, sit down have a cup of tea and gather my thoughts and then move on. We often especially myself find it hard to do this, as though life was chasing me from task to task and yet I know that in the bigger scheme of things that five minutes does me the world of good. Next time you see your children running around outside screeching with fun, or hear your dog barking or neighbour complaining say a prayer of thanks that you can hear and see. Then say a prayer for those that are trapped by the evils of this society in the jaws of trafficking because they need your prayers.

Someone very special that I know has written a children’s book about a blind little mouse who lives her life through all her senses. I encourage you to contact her and buy one of her books. Lois the Author has been blind for many years but this has not stopped her from enjoying joyful simplicities in life.

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