Come and take a front row seat

Fish HoekWe in Cape Town live in the most beautiful city in the world there is no doubt about that and if you venture out of your front door with an open mind and a positive attitude your will be delighted by Cape Town. An early morning stole on Fish Hoek beach will find you in awe of the elderly early morning swimmers in their bathing caps and full costumes braving winter and summer waters not to mention sharks. If you stay a little longer you will find the pigeon man who feeds he’s birds every morning and will welcome you to take a seat next to him while the birds perch on your head. Walking along further you find the dog walkers with 5 dogs in tow. Or the seriously keeping fit people who walk up and down with purpose. Sometimes if you lucky you will might find the local fishing boat being pushed out with their nets to catch some unlucky fish. But wait we haven’t finished yet, there’s the CAT Walk, I have no idea where the name came from I’ve never seen a cat in sight of the walk. As you wonder along the walk you can see all the love and dedication engraved on each bench where the old souls of years gone by might still be sitting there looking out to sea. Each person greets you as you pass and if the water is high the waves also come up to greet you as well. Stop at one of these benches and sit down just for a few minutes, breath in the sea air and take in the wide open ocean surrounded with mountains, then close your eyes and give thanks to God for such magnificent on your doorstep. If you are unlucky enough not to be living in Cape Town along these beautiful shores I suggest you contact your travel agent and book your next holiday to our beautiful sea side resort.

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